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The Centre Party (Miðflokkurinn) is a political party founded in the year 2017 by Mr. Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson.  

The Centre Party is a party with deep roots in the middle of the political spectrum.  We are a party for rational people who have a clear vision on the principle matters in society.

The Centre Party ran first in the general elections for Althing in 2017 and received 10.9% of the popular vote which equals 7 Members of Parliament. 

In February of 2018, two additional MP´s joined the Party which made the Centre Party the largest opposition party in the Icelandic Parliament today with 9 Members of Parliament.


Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, Chairman  (


Bergþór Ólason (



The Centre Party hosts many interesting meetings and events throughout the year and all events are advertised on our homepage under "viðburðir" (click here) as well as on our facebook page.  

Everyone is welcome to join our meetings.  For further information please call 555-4007 and our office staff will be happy to assist you.


The rationalism policy is even more important today than ever before

We stand at the juncture of great community change. Politics, both here in Iceland and in the countries around us, have been affected by changed circumstances as seen on the news in the past few years. During such a transition era, it is even more important than before that politicians speak clearly about their issues and policies.

Iceland as one

We think about Iceland as one unit, as one community. This involves making an overall plan, taking into account all aspects of society and the vision we have for the country. We are going to synchronize different measures so that each supports the other in the best way possible. It is very important that the coordination of measures occurs in one place. We must utilize all opportunities throughout the country.  We must work together as one instead of each working on the same issues alone without a clear overview of the big picture. We are going to invest in the country as one unit, turning defence into offense.

People of foreign origin

There is a high proportion of people of foreign descent in Iceland.  The Government needs to ensure their best possible adaptation to society and prevent their isolation.

We especially need to keep in mind the education of children of foreign descent and provide them with an education that enables them to succeed in the Icelandic community. A special effort needs to be made in teaching the Icelandic language to immigrant children, while also giving them the opportunity to be educated in their native language whenever possible. Immigrant children must be supported through all school stages and they must be given the opportunity to mature and thrive in Icelandic society.

Law enforcement – Legal claim

Financial contributions to law enforcement need to be dramatically increased in order to maintain effective law enforcement in the country and ensure the safety of citizens. We need to increase the number of police officers and their working environment needs to reflect modern requirements for training, equipment and knowledge.  Funds for police training need to be ensured in order to meet the requirements for the number of police officers needed.

Border protection and the analysis of law enforcement agencies need to be reinforced as well as the capacity of domestic research for example in the field of genetics. The benefits of the Schengen partnership must be evaluated with the interests of Iceland in mind and a more effective passport control needs to be ensured.

Tourism, industry and innovation

The country's basic industries must be provided with a stable operational environment, so that these industries can invest and get organized for the future. We are going to simplify the regulatory environment.

The increased competitiveness of Iceland leads to an increase of capital goods and thereby increased quality of life. Industry and tourism jointly create a great part of the nations´ foreign exchange earnings in addition to creating numerous jobs and other value.  With innovation, both from entrepreneurs and from deeply rooted companies, Iceland has the upper hand in the competition between countries and therefore we need to encourage research and development in our country.

Social, housing and equal rights affairs

The Centre party works towards equal rights for all members of society, irrespective of gender, status or other factors. We want our society to be based on the values of democracy, equality and human rights and we reject discrimination of any kind. Iceland should be a leader in human rights issues. Iceland is a country of diversity where different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge strengthen the society.

The Centre party regards equality as a human rights issue and therefore rejects any kind of discrimination. The party believes that the gender wage gap should be corrected without delay. The Equality laws must be revised so that they reflect the wide concept of equality.  Special attention needs to be on the equality laws for people with lower incomes.

Finance and economy

The reorganization of the financial system needs to be completed with the aim of lowering interest rates and adapting the system to the needs of people and businesses. The banks should be diminished by paying out the excess of equity to the state. The National Bank of Iceland should lead this process and a new, efficient online bank should be founded that would give loans to both individuals and companies at good terms.

Public health and preventive measures

The public health care system should be accessible to all people throughout the country on the same grounds irrespective of residence or economic means.

Prevention is a key issue of improved public health care and a means of improving the operation of the health system as well. Prevention should be tended to from childhood. Prevention should be thought of as a continuity from the cradle to the grave.  Counselling and motivation for improved public health should be a part of school and leisure time teachings. Parents should have easy access to courses on child raising methods built on working knowledge.

Education and Culture

An important part of ensuring the implementation of the current educational policy on education without discrimination, individual learning, a wide range of educational and creative educational opportunities, and the well-being of all students is listening to and supporting the schools ' professionals in the implementation of the Education policy. The state and local authorities shall ensure the access of students in primary and secondary schools to training and vocational guidance.

Fishing industry, agriculture and food production

Domestic agricultural and food production together with the fishing industry are parts of the basic structure of our society that should be secured for the future. Without it, neither the nation's food security nor food safety will be ensured. The job security of these basic structures should be secured and their total contribution to the community appreciated.

Supporting Icelandic agriculture is also supporting consumers who thus are guaranteed access to affordable, wholesome foods.  Our neighbouring countries and most of the world's nations support their agriculture and protect it, among other things, with import barriers. Icelanders must therefore protect their own production in the same way to be able to compete with imported goods.

Environmental and natural resource affairs

In environmental affairs, it is necessary to look at the overall global impact rather than examine only the impact of policies and actions within the borders of Iceland. Iceland´s strategy for the environment needs to take into account the overall impact and impetus and the Government's support needs to take that into account. It is too common that the overall impact is overlooked leading to unreasonable decisions being taken and financial resources being badly utilized.

Foreign Affairs

The sovereignty of the Icelandic nation is the foundation for Iceland being a free State that builds its economic independence on free trade, sustainable use of resources, peace and equality to all. The Centre Party emphasizes that international law, rules and treaties that ensure sovereignty to the Icelandic nation shall be respected.

Senior Citizens

Pension should guarantee minimum wage.  The State´s priority must be to guarantee that retired people receive a decent income.


The Centre Party believes it is important to ensure that independent Icelandic news media will thrive so that they can pursue a neutral, constructive and critical mass communication.  The best way to achieve this is to secure the operation of media by balancing the basis of competition in the field.



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